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Other Services

We work with industry senior leaders, and provide our deep business knowledge to develop innovation, solutions and answer client’s challenges to help them overcome such challenges, grow and realize their financial objectives by creating sustainable value and growth potential.


We help clients by creating sustainable value by way of:


  • Engaging on favorable terms conducive to client’s objective.

  • Funding, restructuring and expanding client’s business;

  • Establishing strategies for adaptation to change in the business world.

  • Formulating mechanism for responding to difficult encounters.

  • Leveraging human capital to its optimum potential,

  • Incorporating governance and strategic management throughout the client’s business,

  • Operation optimization,

  • Risk management transformation, management and mitigation,

  • Turning client’s vision into reality by presenting solutions and options.

Transaction Advisory

If you plan to buy, sell, fund your project or partner with another entity, you must subscribe to methodical process to preserve value and produce lasting positive results.


Decision making mechanism must embrace every aspect of your current business. Whether you plan to restructure your business, acquire another, raise funds or divest, understanding your current status, your sector, the global trend and the economy are vital constituents to coherent decisions.


Our deep knowledge in various sectors, coupled with our analytical skills and global approach to structuring comprehensible mechanisms can assist you in making the right decision. 

Buying a Business

If buying a business is a part of your expansion strategy, you will face a number of complex decision elements including ascertaining the value of your acquisition to your organization, the market, the operation and adaptation potential, among other factors.


Prudence can assist you in determining which approach is most suited for your business strategy and expansion plan, and how congruent is such a move to your overall objective from compliance perspective, integration mechanism and potential advantage.

We will guide through the process of planning and executing your business acquisition:


  • Identifying businesses for acquisition within your sector and other sectors.

  • Evaluating the assets of the acquisition target,

  • Analyzing potential benefits and threats to your organization,

  • Devising transaction strategy,

  • Executing the transaction effectively and comprehensively,

  • Realizing the optimum value for your acquisition,


Selling a Business

If it is time to divest, a coherent strategy necessitates active engagement from planning and execution perspectives. 


Prudence can assist and support you by helping you understand the advantages and disadvantages, as well as risk/reward analysis of your decision, properly assessing the value of your business and presenting its features and benefits to your potential buyers. Also, we support your negotiating position and prepare your remaining operation for the transition and guide you through the process.

  • Providing suggestions for your existing options that minimizes potential financial exposure.

  • Facilitating the transaction execution at the right price,

  • Managing the post-execution period to preclude performance interruption,


Partnering a Business

Engaging in a joint venture is an involved undertaking. it requires specific skills in assessing and analyzing the legal, strategic, managerial and financial aspect of the intended purpose of the JV, as well as understanding the environment, the market and the jurisdiction.


Prudence experts can assist you in devising the proper partnership strategy and support you throughout the process of implementing good governance, sound execution mechanism and subsequently, assisting you in performing your intended operation that ensures continuity, cohesion and profit throughout the life cycle of the JV. 


We can guide you through the process by:


  • Defining the key objectives of engaging in a partnership,

  • Identifying potential managerial, contractual, operational and legal challenges,

  • Providing options for the right partnership,

  • Evaluating the risk/reward scopes of the intended partnership,

  • Providing analysis of the factors needed for success,

  • Assessing the governance functions for suitability,

  • Assisting in the execution mechanism of the transaction,

  • Suggesting plans for a successful implementation of the business,

  • Evaluating exit options,


Funding a Business

Your development and/or expansion objectives and strategy may include raising funds for your business. This necessitates factual understanding of your debt and equity financing options within the framework of both private and capital market sources.


Prudence can assist you in realizing your strategic funding objectives by providing a comprehensive assessment and strategy for successful execution. Additionally, after considering certain factors, we provide options expressly tailored for your business and when appropriate, we engage in the funding process in various capacities:


  • Financiers: by providing the needed capital through our own resources,

  • Collateral providers: if needed, or;

  • Facilitators: by referring you to any of our funding affiliates and partners,


On advisory realm, we provide the necessary support and walk you through the process:


  • Providing strategies for maximizing share holders’ value

  • Evaluating your exact funding needs to avoid over or under borrowing,

  • Identifying a suitable source of finance whether debt of equity,

  • Assisting in executing the transaction,


Restoring a Business

Businesses are often subjected to unforeseen circumstances and/or exposed to challenges that encumber the company’s ability to fulfill its strategic objectives or adversely affect its operation, potentially leading to serious hindrance in its market position and financial standing.


Stabilizing, overhauling, restoring and renovating strategy.


When a company is not performing to its full potential, it is time to take a serious look at the situation mend it before it is too late. Prudence can assist you in identifying stabilizing techniques, and propose mechanisms for restoring your operation to its full potential by implementing innovative strategies and actions in order to achieve tangible results. Assess your administrative function, financial position, personnel, and other factors that may contribute to your underperformance.


  • Identifying stabilization options and

  • Constructing ways and means to affect the needed action.

  • Assessing financial, administrative and operational situation,

  • Proposing overhauling and restoring mechanisms,

  • Executing restoration and delivery plan,

  • Devising a contingency plan and risk management apparatus,