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Management Consulting

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Prudence active engagement model caters to customer’s needs to realize profit and create the framework for sustainable growth. We can assist you in:


  • Delivering in-depth market and shareholder’s analysis,

  • Solving complex business, technology and communication problems,

  • Developing major strategies conducive to your business objectives,

  • Providing insight on wide range of business issues,

  • Creating technology-driven solutions, and converting data into insight,

  • Empowering people as strategic asset,

  • Optimizing operation and augmenting support system,

  • Managing legal, administrative, financial, and operational risk,

Corporate Structure

The profound link between organizational structure and organizational performance cannot be overstated. Having dynamic and coherent structure is fundamental to your organization’s presence, development and performance.

Having a coherent and robust structure can help you in:

  • Devising the right intra-organizational relationship configuration, and identifying competencies and employing talent in the right place, as well as bridging the gap between employees and upper management via structured reporting system,

  • Providing for constant evaluating and monitoring apparatus through good governance, and providing for reliable environment for knowledge transfer and information flow,

  • Implementing policies conducive to productivity, and applying accountability measures throughout,

  • Creating innovative organizational culture and flexible structure and design, and permitting knowledge transfer using conceptual framework derived from strategy, as well as allowing innovative capabilities to permeate and influence organizational performance,



Corporate governance is an essential component of any successful organization.


The board of director's success in discharging its fiduciary duties and monitoring roles, when controlled by good governance, would be predicted to increase the value of the organization and enhance the shareholders' wealth.


Since, the value creation of CG, as a crucial monitoring mechanism, can be measured through the firm performance and since it is the objective of any organization to optimize its value through performance, we believe that having good governance rule is vital.


We help organization, financial institutions, corporations and governmental agencies with constructing the appropriate and comprehensive governance to:


  • Avoid conflict of interest between management and shareholders, and appraise ownership structure,

  • Construct proper managerial discretion and scope,

  • Determine the parameters of board independence, and evaluate CEO duality issues and concerns,

  • Resolve large shareholder’s intervention and protection of small investor, and advise on ideal board size, and functional committees of the board

  • Construct the model board charter as well as charters for principle board committees: (i) oversight and nomination committee, (ii) audit and finance committee (iii) risk management committee, and similar committees.

  • Build the appropriate code of conduct, code of ethics and corporate responsibility charters.