Project Finance

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Project Finance

Your development and/or expansion objectives and strategy may include raising funds for your business. This necessitates factual understanding of your debt and equity financing options within the framework of both private and capital market sources.


Prudence can assist you in realizing your strategic funding objectives by providing a comprehensive assessment and strategy for successful execution. Additionally, after considering certain factors, we provide options expressly tailored for your business and when appropriate, we engage in the funding process in various capacities:


  • Financiers: by providing the needed capital through our own resources,

  • Collateral providers: if needed, or;

  • Facilitators: by referring you to any of our funding affiliates and partners,


On advisory realm, we provide the necessary support and walk you through the process:


  • Providing strategies for maximizing share holders’ value

  • Evaluating your exact funding needs to avoid over or under borrowing,

  • Identifying a suitable source of finance whether debt of equity,

  • Assisting in executing the transaction,

Project Finance

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