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Risk Management


Lack of clear strategy, recognized transparency and operational accountability results is subjecting your company to risk.

For financial organizations as well as corporations, the emergence of stringent regulations, coupled with governance require a greater degree of discipline, sense of responsibility and better control mechanism. Risk compliance program has become an essential component to corporate subsistence.


Managing risks (financial, legal, administrative and operational) is the responsibility of every department in your company each in accordance with its realm and function.

Prudence risk management experts can help you stay on track by providing strategies and mechanisms for risk management, mitigation and avoidance.

Financial Risk Management

Prudence professionals offer a wide range of financial risk management services to financial institutions, banks and corporations, public and private and assist clients in identifying, assessing, managing, reporting and limiting risks.


Increase in demand for financial risk management in all sectors and organization size is present to fulfill compliance requirements, improve performance and contribute to better decision making.


We can assist you in developing and improving your risk management strategy, process, governance in various areas, including:


  • Financial engineering,

  • Operational risk management,

  • Transactional risk management,

  • Quantitative evaluation of risk portfolio,

  • Economic capital management,

  • Asset management consultancy,

  • Market and liquidity risk,

  • Capital adequacy advisory,

  • Commodity and energy management,

  • Credit risk management,

  • Financial instrument accounting,

  • Insurance risk assessment,

  • Actuarial services,

  • Basel II and Solvency II transformation


Financial Restructuring

Financial position often signals under-performance. Prudence can assist you in navigating the complex landscape of financial streamlining, borrowing, lending and divesting. We can help you evaluate your liquidity requirements to maintain stable position, preserve the integrity of your operation by employing vital financial risk management tools.

  • Assessing your liquidity position to ascertain operational soundness,

  • Identifying the causes for disruption,

  • Developing sustainable capital structure for your business,

  • Implementing capital structure efficiently to ensure recovery,

  • Monitoring performance and financial position,


Crises Management

Nowadays, economies are more interdependent than ever before. Threats, accidental of otherwise, whether internal or external, can occur and adversely affect your operation.

External threats that are beyond your control might have a profound impact on your business. They cannot be predicted, monitored, planned for or mitigated. Such crises are occurring more frequently, quite unexpectedly and necessitate immediate action under considerable time constraint.

In order to avert catastrophic impact on your organization, being prepared is vital to your continuity and recovery potential. Your response determines your future.

We can assist you by providing strategic insight in:

  • Planning and preparing for a crisis,

  • Presenting potential response scenarios,

  • Assisting in developing understanding of potential risks,

  • Devising decision making protocol,

  • Making advisory resources available in case of crises,