Secured Investment



In our quest to provide the best products and services to our patrons, we are happy to refer you to one of our affiliate/partner capital companies that offers a pioneering investment with zero risk to the investor and with fixed guaranteed return regardless of market conditions.


  • Guaranteed capital,

  • Fixed return,

  • Risk-averse investment strategy,

  • Earning is greater than bank interest,

  • No administrative fees,

  • No entry fees,

  • No exit fees,

  • No management fees,

  • No success fees,

  • No hidden fees,

  • Unmatched caliber of management,


Minimum Note


or equivalent

maximum Note

$20,000,000 or equivalent

Investors Return

Invesment Management

Other Services





1 year renewable

10.00% PA

09.00% PA

08.00% PA

2 year renewable

3 year renewable

12.50% PA

11.00% PA

09.50% PA

15.00% PA

13.00% PA

11.00% PA


  • The rates quoted are calculated on a per annum basis.

  • The above quoted return rates are paid to the investor/lender net of all management fees. What is quoted is what you will receive.

  • 90 days’ written notice is required prior to the expiry term for withdrawal of funds, otherwise the investment will have been deemed to have been renewed for a further 365 days. The account manager will contact you prior.

Income Certainty

The rate is fixed and will not fluctuate with market conditions.


Completely secure, with joint and severally liable corporate guarantees.

Independently Audited

Independently audited and 100% of investment funds on deposit with leading America banks including Wells Fargo and Citibank.

Return Rates

Above Average return rates, which are significantly higher than current bank deposit rates.

About the Company

The Capital Company is registered in the State of Florida and with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) in the United States of America. 

Who's Behind it?

The management and advisory team are a world class team of accomplished directors with decades of global finance and management experience. These learned professionals have pledged their support and skills to the company for the purposes of leading this fund to an unmatched success.


To learn more about this unique opportunity and engagement requirements, go to complete information sheet, or contact us directly at:


This opportunity is by INVITATION ONLY and available to Prudence Consulting patrons and clients.